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What is Business Online API

The API allows you to easily embed a functionality existing in the Bank of Georgia’s Internet Banking into your accounting or other business application. simplifying everyday operations for your users, who without leaving your application will have access to the Internet Banking functionality such as:

  • Create Transfer Documents –within your application a user will be able to create an individual or a package document for money transfer and conversion in national and foreign currency.
  • Account Statement Management – User will not need to upload an account statement anymore. General information regarding the first 1000 records will be available in your application. A user will be able to monitor a monthly or daily global account statement balance for the period of their choice.
  • Account Balance Check - A user will see the available and current balances on their accounts in the operational area.
  • Currency Rate Control – Information about a National Bank, historical, Bank’s commercial or currency cross rate will be integrated into your own application.

What is needed for the integration

To simplify the service integration, we prepared a test environment and comprehensive documentation which allows establishing the integration with the API having only basic programming knowledge. To establish the integration, a Company should have an account on and unique credentials for accessing the system. To call the API you should register your application on the webpage. When registering you should enter the application name, application name in an international language, and the address of the logo of your choice (it is advised to use an https protocol and size no more than 400x800). In case you are registering a web client, you should also enter a web address for redirection on authentication. After registration, Application identifiers which you will have to use on the authentication request will appear on the application details page.

  • client id
  • client secret
  • redirect uri (only in case of web clients)

To gain access to the test environment, contact your business banking personal assistant or fill the application.

Protocol and Technical Specifications

AAPI architecture: Restful

Business Online Application protocol: HTTP/1.1. To enhance security, it is mandatory to call all API methods using https, which is an extension of the HTTP protocol.

Service call type: Synchronous

Security protocol: OAuth 2.0

Information exchange security standard: JSON Web Tokens (JWT). BASE URL: On each request, an x-correlationid Header will be returned with a unique value which is an ID of this request. It is recommended to store this ID on your side since in case of a problem it will help to find your request. Please contact us at for any additional information.