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By integrating this protocol, you will be able to access all the requested payment methods offered by the Bank of Georgia.

What is Online Payment API?

Online Payment API enables you to easily build a payment module into any type of electronic system. It allows you to integrate payments from a simple interface with the business1, enabling transactions using cards from Georgian as well as other commercial banks (VISA, MasterCard, American Express).

Protocol and Technical Specification

  • The API architectural approach – Restful.
  • The protocol for the online payment application – HTTP/1.1. To enhance security, it is necessary to call all the API methods using HTTPS, which is the HTTPS protocol enhancement.
  • The service call type – synchronous.
  • The security protocol – OAuth 2.0.
  • The security standard for exchanging information between the parties – JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

Procurement Process Brief Description

Here is a brief overview of the full cycle of the online payments Checkout process:

  • The customer chooses the desired product/service (or the basket of products/services) on the business' web page and clicks the payment button.
  • The business sends a request to the online payments' server.
  • The server returns the parameters necessary to continue the payment process.
  • The business directs the customer to the online payments page2
  • The customer enters the card or internet banking details and completes the payment process.
  • The online payments' server responds to the business (callback3)
  • The transaction is successfully completed.

Comment: Before redirecting to the online payments page, the business can use the card-saving feature to carry out future transactions automatically or without entering card details.


The payment manager represents the new payment system. To view the previous version, please refer to the iPAY documentation.