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Google Pay™ on Business' Webpage

To add Google Pay™ button on your webpage, following steps are required.

First your webpage should be compliant with Google's requirements. Since Google Pay button is added to your own webpage, instead of Bank of Georgia's, you need to configure the environment independently. For more information visit Google's configuration page.

After these steps you can make Bank payments through Google Pay button on your page. For creating order use see Standard Process - Order Request


Body should contain following parameters:

"payment_method": ["google_pay"],
"config": {
"google_pay": {
"external": true,
"google_pay_token": "{token}"



Order identifier.


Order status.


Order details. Contains same data as payment details. The object is returned if payment process is completed without 3DS authentication.


Parameter required for 3DS authentication. This parameter is returned if user needs to be redirected to 3DS page to complete the payment process.


The web resource addresses are used in the further stages of the payment process. At the moment following resources are returned:


The address of the payment details can be used to obtain information on the online payment.


The address of 3DS page, where user should be redirected for 3DS authentication. The parameter is returned if client has 3DS authentication turned on.
"id": "{order_id}",
"status": "completed",
"order_details": {...},
"_links": {
"details": {
"href": "{order_id}"