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Google Pay ™

Google Pay™ is the fast, simple way that allows you to make card payments without entering card details for each payment. The card data is safely stored by Google.

This payment method is available for all devices (mobile phones and computers), regardless of the operating system and web browser. To enable Google Pay™, simply go to the Business Manager and walk through onboarding process. Note that when you use Google Pay™ you must adhere to Google's Terms of Service. Once you have enabled it, we will automatically show the Google Pay™ button in your payment window for applicable payments.

Bank of Georgia supports both "PAN only" and "Cryptogram 3DS" methods of authorization. If 3D-secure is needed for the transaction, Bank of Georgia will automatically take care of that. Since some 3D-secure authentications require the billing address of the customer, we recommend that you supply it to Bank of Georgia when you create the payment.

Bank of Georgia supports VISA, MasterCard and American Express transactions from Google Pay™.

Google Pay™ is free to use and we recommend enabling it to increase your conversion rate.