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What is the Online Payment API

The Online Payment API allows embedding easily the payment module into any kind of Online Shop. It gives the possibility to integrate with an Online Shop via the simple interface which covers transactions performed by a VISA, Mastercard, and American Express cards issued by the Bank of Georgia or by the other commercial banks.

What is needed for the integration

To establish the integration, the Merchant should be a customer of the Bank of Georgia and own an account at the The Company’s primary info fields should be fulfilled in the Bank along with the iPay parameters (Callback URLs of the Payment and Payment Amount Return on which Bank will notify Merchant regarding the result respective operation) for Merchant to fully use the Online Payment feature. The Callback URL information should be provided to the Bank in a digital format. After filling in the Company’s primary fields, the Merchant will be in a pending mode with an assigned unique identifier in the Bank system, however, it will have a blocked state. Within this period, every attempt for a payment incoming from an Online Shop will receive an error. Once the iPay parameter is provided, the complete integration and testing can be performed for an Online Shop.

Protocol and Technical Specifications

API architecture: Restful Online Payment Application protocol: HTTP/1.1. To enhance security it is mandatory to call all API methods using HTTPS, which is an extension of the HTTP protocol. Service call type: Synchronous Security protocol: OAuth 2.0 Information exchange security standard: JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

Short Description of a Process

Below we introduce the brief review of the full cycle of the Online Payment Checkout:

  • The customer chooses a product or a shopping basket on the Online Shop webpage and presses a ‘Payment’ button
  • Online Shop sends a request to an Online Payment Server
  • The server returns a parameter needed in order to proceed with the payment
  • Online Shop redirects the customer to an Online Payment Webpage
  • The customer provides a card or online banking info on an Online Payment Webpage and completes the payment
  • Online Payment Server returns a response to a Merchant (Callback)
  • The transaction is successfully completed