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Recurring Payments

The recurring Payments method gives a possibility to store a customer’s data and to perform a payment without a customer’s interaction.

To perform a Recurring Payment an order_id from a successfully performed payment transaction is needed.

An order_id can be received after at least the 0.10 GEL payment is successfully performed and then returned back. This order_id can be further used in a future Recurring Payments

In most cases, the Payment Status will be in_progress. To receive a current status the Payment Details method should be used.


By default, the feature of Recurring Payments is switched off. A Bank of Georgia should be contacted to activate this feature.



An identifier of a successful payment performed by a given customer.


A Payment Amount object.


A payment currency.


A Payment Amount value.


A Payment identifier from an Online Shop system (i.e.: An identifier of a shopping Basket).
POST /api/v1/checkout/payment/subscription
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <jwt_token>
"order_id": "<order_id>",
"amount": {
"currency_code": "GEL",
"value": "16.45"
"shop_order_id": "your_shop_order_id",
"purchase_description": "test_product"



A status of a Recurring Payment.

  • success - A Recurring payment is successful.
  • error - A Recurring payment is unsuccessful.
  • in_progress - A Recurring payment is in progress. When this status is returned, a Payment Details method should be used to retrieve a payment status.


A payment_hash of a Recurring payment.


An ID of a Recurring payment.
"status": "success",
"payment_hash": "<payment_hash>",
"order_id": "<order_id>"