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What is an online installment loan API

An installment loan is one of the important products in the retail business and it became especially in high demand in the digital world lately. Bank of Georgia introduces you to a simple integration solution. An online installment loan API allows you to easily embed an installment module into any kind of Online Shop or a Digital Payment System.

What is needed for the integration

o establish the integration, an Online Shop owner organization should have an account on and unique credentials for accessing the system. Having an account on the means that an organization holds an active account in the Bank of Georgia along with access to internet banking as a legal entity.

Protocol and Technical Specifications

API architecture: Restful

Online Payment Application protocol: HTTP/1.1. To enhance security, it is mandatory to call all API methods using HTTPS, which is an extension of the HTTP protocol.

Service call type: Synchronous

Security protocol: OAuth 2.0

Information exchange security standard: JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

How to find out the Merchant’s system credentials

The company receives the client_id and the secret_key once it has been registered in the Bank system as a Merchant and has filled in all necessary data. To be registered as a Merchant, a company’s representative should fill the respective registration form or contact a Bank of Georgia’s employee and provide all necessary data. Those credentials are the unique identifier for the Merchant. Along with that, a secret_key is used as a password. It is prohibited to make it public or disclose to a third party. Violation might increase the likelihood of danger for an Online Shop! Secret_key cannot be changed by the Merchant.

client_id = XXXX (unique identifier for the Merchant)

It is prohibited to make secret_key public or disclose to a third party. Violation might increase the likelihood of danger for an Online Shop!

Preparatory work

Below we introduce the brief overview of the full cycle of the Online Installment Loan registration and preparatory work:

  • Merchant fills in an API registration form on which returns a client_id and secret_key which means that starting an integration process becomes technically possible.
  • Merchant chooses from one of the available integration approaches (simple integration, SDK, API)
  • Once the integration is completed testing of the full process on the test environment provided by the Bank of Georgia and making a test transaction is necessary
  • Merchant reflects respective information on the website/stock side upon a successful test transaction
  • After the above steps, test information will be replaced by a real one and an installment loan is ready to be launched!

Short Description of a Process

Below we introduce the brief review of the full cycle of the Online Installment Loan:

  • Customer presses an ‘Installment Loan’ button on the Online Shop webpage and chooses a loan duration and type (standard, discount, and 0%)
  • Online Shop sends a request to the Bank Server (order creation)
  • Bank Server returns the parameters needed for the payment along with the installment loan website redirection link (
  • The customer is redirected to the installment loan website
  • On the installment loan website, the actions needed for the activation of an installment loan are performed
  • The bank server returns a response to the Online Shop (callback)
  • Online Shop check the status of the installment loan and returns the respective HTTP code
  • Bank Server redirects the customer to the Online Shop Webpage by the received status (success, error)