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Payment Details

By calling this method an Online Shop can receive detailed information regarding a payment based on the payment identifier. A different response with payment details will be returned depending on which payment option is used (a card or an internet-banking user) and what kind of payment method is used (with or without a pre-authorization)



An online payment ID returned to the Online Shop in response to the payment request method
GET /api/v1/checkout/payment/{order_id}
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <jwt_token>


statussuccess | error | in_progress

Payment Status. Can have one of the three following values.

  • success - A payment is successful.
  • error - A payment is unsuccessful.
  • in_progress - A payment is not completed and if in one hour from an order generation a customer will not complete a payment, it will be automatically canceled and status will change to an error. This status is assigned to a payment when a customer is being redirected to the Bank’s Online Payment Webpage. While the change of this status happens once the payment is complete either successfully or unsuccessfully.


payment_hash should be stored on a Merchant side. The values received from a Callback method in a payment_hash and an order_id should be compared to the ones stored on a Merchant side.


A payment ID that is shown on a payment receipt.



A Payment ID from an Online Shop system (i.e.: An ID of a shopping Basket).


Payment Method.

  • BOG_CARD A payment is performed with an authorization.
  • GC_CARD A payment is performed using a card.
  • BOG_LOAN An installment purchase.
  • BOG_LOYALTY A payment is performed utilizing PLUS or MR points.
  • UNKNOWN In case an order status is error or in_progress.


In this parameter, a card type is passed when a payment method is BOG_CARD or GC_CARD. In all other cases, an UNKNOWN should be passed in this parameter

  • MC - Mastercard
  • VISA - Visa
  • AMEX - American Express


A 16-digit card number. Only the first 6 and last 4 digits are displayed. The rest digits are replaced by an * symbol. This parameter is filled only if a payment status is success and a payment_method is GC_CARD


Transaction ID. Is filled only when the payment status is success and payment_method is GC_CARD.


Pre-authorization status. Is returned only when during an order generation a capture_method is MANUAL and the order status is success

  • success - Pre-authorization is verified and the payment amount is transferred to a Merchant.
  • in_progress - Pre-authorization is in progress. A payment amount is blocked and it is possible to verify and unblock it.
  • success_unblocked - Pre-authorization is unblocked. A payment Amount is returned to a customer account and is available for a customer.
"status": "success",
"order_id": "{order_id}",
"payment_hash": "{payment_hash}",
"ipay_payment_id": "{ipay_payment_id}",
"status_description": "PERFORMED",
"shop_order_id": "123456789",
"payment_method": "BOG_CARD",
"card_type": "MC",