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Order Request

By calling this method an Online Shop sends the payments details, technical parameters, and a payment amount to a Payment Server. To proceed further in case of the successful operation, a customer should be redirected to an Online Payment Webpage as per a REDIRECT URL returned in a links parameter


intentrequiredCAPTURE | AUTHORIZE

Defines which payment method can be used by the customer for payment CAPTURE - allows a customer to choose either to perform payment via card or via using Bank of Georgia’s internet-banking credentials. AUTHORIZE - allows a customer to perform a payment only by providing a card information.


The list of products purchased in the Online Shop within a given purchase


A price of a single purchased item


A name of a purchased item (description)


A number of purchased items


An ID of a purchased item in the Online Shop system

localeoptionalka | en-US

Defines the language of the Online Payment Webpage on which a customer will be redirected.
Can have one of the following two values:

  • ka – Georgian
  • en-US – US English.


A Payment Indentificator from an Online Shop system (i.e.: An ID of a shopping Basket).


An address (URL) of a webpage of the Online Shop to which a customer will be redirected from the Online Payment System once the payment transaction is completed successfully or unsuccessfully


Defines what kind of payment info will be shown to a customer on an Online Payment Webpage.
Can have one of the following values:
false - Customer will see in the payment statement the first 25 symbols of product description list divided by “,” from items array.
true - the payment statement will be similar to the case of "false", however it will be prefixed with a shop_order_id.

capture_methodoptionalAUTOMATIC | MANUAL

Payment method which can have one of the two following values:

  • AUTOMATIC - Payment will be performed without a pre-authorization, meaning that a Payment Amount will be immediately deducted from a customer’s account balance.
  • MANUAL - A Payment Amount will be blocked on a customer’s account balance and will not be available for a customer. In this case, the pre-authorization method should be used to complete the payment transaction or the return method should be used to unblock/return the Payment Amount. The Payment Amount is automatically unblocked and available for a customer.

If the operation is not completed in 30 days.


Contains information about the Payment Amount and currency.


A Payment Amount object


A payment currency. Always should have a value "GEL".


A Payment Amount value.

POST /api/v1/checkout/orders
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <jwt_token>
"intent": "CAPTURE",
"items": [
"amount": "10.50",
"description": "test_product",
"quantity": "1",
"product_id": "123456"
"locale": "ka",
"shop_order_id": "123456",
"redirect_url": "<shop_order_id>",
"show_shop_order_id_on_extract": true,
"capture_method": "AUTOMATIC",
"purchase_units": [
"amount": {
"currency_code": "GEL",
"value": "10.50"



A status of an Online Payment.


A unique hashed payment identifier generated by an Online Payment System during requesting an order. On the next step, a hashed identifier will be again passed from the Bank to a Merchant. Verifying the identifier provides additional security.


Addresses of the web resources which are used on the next steps of the payment process. There are two kinds of resources which could be returned at the moment:

  • A Payment Details Address which gives the possibility to retrieve information regarding the online payment (rel = self).
  • A webpage Address on which a customer should be redirected to fill in the plastic card details or the online banking details and to finalize a payment process (rel = approve).


A Web resource Address.


A Web resource unique name.


An HTTP method that should be used to redirect on the web resource (GET, REDIRECT…)


An online Payment Identifier.