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Redirect customer to bank website

The external system (such as a web app, application) should ensure the redirection of the customer to the authorization page of the Bank of Georgia. After completing the authorization, a customer will be redirected to its system.

Url of Bank of Georgia authorization page:{Client Identifier}&response_type=code&scope=corp&redirect_uri={redirect_uri}

Redirect Parameters:

  • client_id - Identifier which is passed to the company by the bank to access the system (client_id, which is passed to a company with secret_key).
  • response_type - The value code is always passed
  • scope - Used to pass the code of the information category/categories, on which the client wants a consent from a customer. Plus, 'loginByPin' optional parameter.
  • redirect_uri - An address of the webpage where a customer will be redirected after successful authentication.
  • login_with_mobile - optional parameter, the value true has to be passed in order to generate a QR code or mBank authorization button.

Information Categories:

  • FPI - Full personal info
  • DI - Document Info
  • BI - Birth info
  • CI - Contact Info
  • BPI - Basic personal info
  • PI - Personal Info

see the page 'Retrieve Customer’s Information' for detailed description.

Additional Parameters:

in case 'loginByPin' value has been passed in the scope parameter, a form for authenticating user by private number will generate.

The Url with loginByPin, ui_locales and login_with_mobile parameters would be:{Client Identifier}&response_type=code&scope=openid%20{info_type}%20loginByPin&redirect_uri={redirect_uri}&login_with_mobile=true&ui_locales=ka

Response Parameters:

  • code – Temporary code for customer’s authentication.