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Individual document status

This method allows retrieving a document status by its unique ID.

Query params


A document unique ID on the business online.

GET api/documents/status/{key}


UniqueIdglobally unique identifier

A unique ID of the document in the external (caller) system (Guid).


A unique ID of the document in the business online.


A document status.


Is used during package transfers.


A rejection code.


A result code of an operation. result code

Matchdecimal number

For the internal transfers a matched coefficient of provided recipient name. For legal entities a match of an owner of a provided IBAN to the entity name is being checked, while for the individuals - to the name and surname. A match coefficient in percent will be shown as a result of such a comparison.

"UniqueId": "11cca9ac-1a45-413b-a86a-d491f33f3668",
"UniqueKey": 1,
"Status": "sample string 2",
"BulkLineStatus": "sample string 3",
"RejectCode": 1,
"ResultCode": 1,
"Match": 1.0