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HTTP Basic

If the service-provider chooses to use the HTTP Basic Auth authentication method, then the former must accept the Authorization header whose value follows the Basic authentication format. More specifically, the header value will be of the form: Authorization: Basic <credentials> where credentials is the Base64 encoding of username and password joined by a single colon “:” (e.g. user:pass).

Header Parameters

AuthorizationrequiredBasic <base64>

Pass in „Basic „ + „<client_id>:<secret_key>“ value encoded in Base64 format. (e.g.: Basic ODI4Mjo3Njk3MDY0OTlmMDcwOWUyMzQ4NDU4NjNmOThiMjMxNA==), where <client_id> & <secret_key> are the credentials that the service-provider hands to BOG.